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CNHS Renovation Project


CNHS Needs Your Help

A visitor to Cavite National High School (CNHS) would be dismayed by the conditions of the buildings and classrooms – broken windows, sagging ceilings, leaking roofs, broken classroom chairs and desks,  non-functioning lights and electric fans; filthy restrooms caused by lack of running water, etc.  Our current school environment is not conducive to our young students’ health and learning.  If children are the hope for tomorrow’s future, CNHS school conditions certainly are casting a dark and gloomy cloud over our innocent children and their aspirations.

We all know that the Philippine government’s budget is a big challenge.  Since CNHS is a public institution and, by law, cannot charge tuition or any other fees, the Department of Education’s budget for CNHS is expended primarily on teachers’ salaries, utilities, and textbooks.  Building maintenance and repairs are low on the priority list and repairs are deferred….. at the cost of the kids.

To prepare for the Centennial  Celebration of CNHS in 2002, a number of alumni solicited donations for the building improvements.  The funds collected were just enough to install replacement roofs and windows, paint the exterior of the main building, and provide improvements in the main library.  The much-needed repairs for the rest of the campus were again deferred.



WeCan Make

A Difference

Examples of how you can help

  •  Volunteer as your Class Year’s representative to the CNHS Renovation Projects Committee
  • Organize, lead, or participate in your Class Year’s fundraising efforts
  •  “Adopt a Classroom”
  •  Volunteer your talent/skills for fundraising and donate proceeds to CNHS Renovation Projects
  •  Donate funds towards a specific project (e.g. internet connection for CNHS)
  •  Send printer cartridges, computer paper, and school supplies to CNHS
  •  Etc., etc., etc. (give us your ideas)

This fundraising is endorsed by the Principal and Faculty of CNHS.



    Amer Aquipel(CNHS’75)

    [email protected]


    Rene Prudente(CNHS’75)

    [email protected]



    Manuel (May) Hebreo (CNHS’67)

    [email protected]

    CAVITE: (046) 431-4529


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