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     The project facilitates collective action and learning among CNHS 1975 alumni members in addressing the needs of our less fortunate batch mates. In parallel with this are the activities to facilitate implementation of  long-term management plan based on proper considerations over several scenarios, taking into account their implications for people’s livelihoods and the environment.
The project will attempt to alleviate some of our batch mate’s lives by giving them financial assistance to start their own business.  The project will also address four questions:

  1. Can this livelihood project improve their lives and increase their earning capabilities rather than what they are doing now?
  2. Under what conditions the project will produce impacts on local livelihood.?  
  3. What are the most appropriate mechanisms and ideas to facilitate the project?
  4. Under what conditions will members continue to support us with this project (market condition, collective action, policy framework, etc.)?

Expected Impacts
We expect that the project will produce positive impacts on our less fortunate batch mates.  New opportunities to improve the real prosperity of members will be based on sustainable resource management will be explored. The project will target local beneficiaries over time. Expected impacts include improved capacities of members, in forms of improved skills, knowledge, and awareness, to communicate, assist us with future projects, monitor, and improve their implementation. Foundation members will coordinate and collaborate better with each other due to improve understanding of their roles, responsibilities, and functions.

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