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GREETINGS! The CNHS1975 Foundation and its alumni and members have been at the forefront of awarding educational scholarships to deserving and qualified students of Cavite City, providing monetary support to our fellow alumni/family that have passed away, and helping alumni who have suffered catastrophic illnesses needing medical treatment and other miscellaneous events. Our group has been prolific and engaged when it came to the disasters, catastrophes, and life-changing events where we acted expeditiously to help out our fellow batchmates, friends, barkadas, family and kababayans.

Once again, two of our batchmates are faced with an insurmountable challenge, to defeat their young daughter’s leukemia. Her name is Angel, and she has been battling this terrible disease since childhood. As we all know, fighting this type of illness can take a heavy toll on a family’s finances and future. The family had been trying for years to come to the U.S. so that Angel could receive treatment. Now they are finally here, but that was only half the battle. With no insurance and depleted savings, the family needs all the help they can get. Because of these circumstances, we are once again asking our membership to help in this endeavor. Every little cent counts. Our little “Angel” needs your support.

Please make your check donation payable to ESTELITA LLACUNA and mail it not later than May 31, 2012 to:



4488 Ruggles Ct,.

Annandale,VA 22003 


The CNHS1975 sends you a warm, heartfelt thank you for your generosity, compassion and understanding. The family is especially grateful for all the help and support from us all. Mabuhay!

For a leukemia-free Angel,








                                                  A N G E L ‘ S    F U N D    
Evangeline Herrera Valuenzuela $    100.00
Amer Aquipel      100.00
Estelita Llacuna      100.00
Jeanette Strauss        25.00
Susan Amaranto Magsakay        50.00
Bessie Mateo Reyes      100.00
Beth Tengco Firmeza        50.00
Nhory Rapaido        50.00
Rene Prudente      100.00
Ernie and Vinia Avila      100.00
Fernando Sepe      100.00
Abraham Gatbonton        50.00
Geraldo Valda      100.00
Nelia Mejilla        25.00
Ederlinda Rodriguez Espinoza        50.00
Lucille Mercado      100.00
Emirose Esteban        50.00
Susan Raquel Pena      100.00
Almer Sinlao Castillo      100.00
Jocelyn Penarubia Andrews        40.00
Emma Navarro Sosa        50.00
Editha Parciso Walton        50.00
Ceasar Ricasata      100.00
Bernie and Benny Miranda        50.00
Edna Herrera Pope        50.00
Rey and Susan Albuna        50.00
Eva Banez Tumbucon        50.00
T  O  T  A  L $ 1,890.00
                        THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR DONATION  !  



To all my Classmates and Batchmates of CNHS ’75,


 I would like to inform you that Vangie went over here at Las Vegas to meet me and my little Angel to give the financial help you gave us.  I know it’s hard to earn money here in America, and yes , I believe in the saying “every penny counts.” 

We don’t know what words to say to extend our gratitude to all of you. It has been hard for me to adjust here in the America although I have my family but finding a work and the hospital to where my little Angel will be put into care has been really hard for us. But with your financial help made it easy for us to pay for professional fees and medicines.

Again, thank you very much!


Becky Herrera Bernal




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