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"Let Me Share, Because I Care!"……….
    CNHS   Bldg. 21 Renovation Project

          CNHS Class of 1976 – USA Chapter,  in cooperation of CNHS 1975 Foundation,   started the fundraising for the CNHS Renovation Projects for the 70’s batch. Their first project “ Silya para sa Eskuela “ was a big success.  CNHS 1979 Alumni sponsored complete renovation of 2 classrooms in Bldg. 36.  CNHS 1975 did their share by sponsoring Bldg. 9 Comfort rooms.

          Our Project Administrator, Engineer May Hebreo of Class 1967 presented us another project that needs immediate attention.  Bldg. 21- the Science and Technology (4 rooms and 4 comfort rooms) was another renovation opportunity for the 76ers to fund and members promised 100% support for this worthwhile project. 

      On May 2007,   thru the untiring efforts of CNHS 1976 USA Coordinators, support of members, friends, leadership of our Engineers, May Hebreo and Rosanna  Reyes, they  successfully completed the renovation of CNHS Bldg. 21 .  CNHS ’76rs,  YOU ARE THE BEST!!!   Thank you very much !

     Watch out for their next project!!!!!!!

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    Who is Engr. Manuel “May” Hebreo…


    Si Kuya May, super mabait yan… magandang lalaki pa 🙂


    Engineer Manuel “May” Hebreo. Homesteaded in Sta. Cruz, Cavite City. Married to Ate Adora, with two children. Their second home is in Paradise Valley, San Diego, California.

    A retired Department of US Defense civil servant. Both Navy and civil service careers involved his maritime shipboard engineering skills in the life cycle support,
    system alterations and modernizations, and service life extensions of maritime combatant vessels of the United States Navy. A few years ago, he put his professional career to a halt, choosing to retire early, returning home to Cavite City.

    Passionate, unwavering, unselfishly dedicated to the cause for a better quality of life for children of Cavite City. A longtime advocate for ensuring children of Cavite are given the high standard of public education they deserve, and has been a hard charging laborer in rennovating our school’s structures and facilities.

    In 2006, Our 76er president, Rosanna Reyes-Goh, made it a official partnership with May to marry our charitable efforts with May’s engineering talents to accomplish some of our own charitable CNHS projects.

    Our CNHS’76 project, rennovating the Science and Technology structure – the CNHS building 21 that involved rehabilitating and refurbishing four classrooms and four restrooms, is proof that we the CNHS’76ers and Engr May Hebreo is in a great partnership venture that will benefit the students of our beloved Alma Mater.

    MARAMING SALAMAT MAY!!! and happy 40th to you and all your Class of 1967 batchmates… May you have a wonderful class reunion at your upcoming Las Vegas 40th reunion.

  2. Vergel Kelly B Amogawin

    To All Class 1975,

    Thank you for all the guidance and support provided to Class 1976.

    We are looking forward towards more CNHS projects and it will be an honor if most 70s Class can join in on one major renovation of our school.

    To Mr Hebreo, I’ll see you in Vegas to personally thank you.

    To Rene and Amer, salamat for your faith in us.

    To other CNHS 70s Alumni, Let’s roll.

    Vergel Amogawin
    Class 1976 Graduate

  3. Vergel Kelly B Amogawin


    it is not the MONEY we spared;
    it is not the MATERIALS bought and used;
    it is not the PROJECTS completed, renovated over and over again;

    it is BUT MEMORIES of all CNHS STUDENTS present and future who in one way or another remembered that WE were all part of their quest for a better future…and it all begun in our ALMA MATER, CNHS of Cavite City.


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