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      The time of the year has arrived to begin making plans to assist  families of our less fortunate batch mates in Cavite with Christmas gifts .  The caring generosity of donors can help provide a bit of Christmas cheers  to their families who otherwise would not experience the magic of Santa Claus.

     Last year this program bought gifts for 50 of our unfortunate batch mates and their families.

     A contribution to this “Pasko na, Santa ko”  project could make a difference in their Christmas this year.  Any donations would certainly be appreciated. One hundred percent of all donations will be used to finance this project.

     Those wishing to make a contribution to this noble cause may make checks payable to:

Vinia Avila
778 Cooper RD
Chula Vista, CA 91911

            This fundraising is a joint project of CNHS 1975 Foundation,            Cavite and U.S.A. Chapter.

 Please send in your donations on or before December 25, 2006.  Thank you very much.


Click this link to see the list of Donors for this project:

"Pasko Na, Santa Ko DONORS"


The list is password protected.  The password will be e-mailed to you as soon as we receive your donation.



  1. Vangie Herrera Valenzuela

    As I was looking at the CNHS 1975 pictures abroad,
    I felt very proud of being a part of the CNHS 1975
    group. I think our batch has the most prolific,
    caring, generous, and wonderful bunch of people.
    Keep up the good work.


  2. Ghay Lim Marfil

    I seconded that, for I know for a fact that I belong
    to a brood of brothers and sisters who all went to
    CNHS. Although some of the projects are collaborative
    effort, they are not as enthused as we are. Am I
    bragging about our group or what?

    In keeping with the holiday season, let us give
    generously for this is the true spirit of CHRISTmas.


  3. Dolly M. Gregorio

    Greetings from Charleston, called the Holy City in South Carolina!

    I thank and praise our Lord, Jesus Christ, for giving you this divine inspiration and great dedication to a Corporal work of mercy: “Stretch forth your hand to the poor, so that your blessing may be complete.” Sirach 7:32 Your compassion also was reaffirmed by Tobit 12:8: “Prayer is good when accompanied by fasting, almsgiving and righteousness.” Although I’m already a contributor to the works of the Catholic missions around the world, I happy to join your worthy projects for God’s greater honor and glory. As promised I will be mailing soon my first contribution for your Christmas offerings for the poorest of the poor. May God bless you and your colleagues now and forever more.

    In Mary’s service,

    Dolly & Fred’s “spirit”


    Dear Kindhearted souls of CNHS1975 America:

    Jess has just prepared the invitations for those who will be recipient
    of your wonderful Christmas gift packs as well for the other
    batchmates who are interested to attend the gift giving occassion
    and induction of officers of the CNHS1975 Foundation.

    Reservations were also made with Patio Encarnacion for the
    Dec 28 occassion for a merienda sena set at 3-6 pm on that day.

    So its all systems go for your wonderful project. I will be taking
    pictures of this occassion so that you will see the fruits of your

    Merry Christmas to all and thanks a lot for your efforts in unifying
    our batchmates both here and there.


  5. Amer Aquipel

    Merry X’mas to all and I hope everyone will have a wonderful time at Patio Encarnacion.

  6. ricmsañada

    Dear Batchmates:

    We have just concluded the Pasko na Santa Ko gift giving this evening. It was a very wonderful evening for all of us especially for our less fortunate classmates who were recipients of your gift packages as well as the winners of the different raffle prizes that were drawn during the occassion.

    Again, many of our more fortunate batchmates responded to your show of generosity and kindness as many donated gifts and cash which were raffled off.

    Pictures of this wonderful occassion willbe collated and will be posted in our website.

    In behalf of our classmates here, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to all your acts of kindness and selfless initiative to bring joy and happiness to a lot of us here.

    Hoping a prosperous and a blessed year ahead of us.

  7. Kelly Amogawin

    Congratulations Class 75 and God Bless. Looking
    forward to more joint projects for our Alma Mater &
    Batchmates back home.


  8. Gina Lebumfacil

    Congratulations! How I wish I was able to go there unfortunately my immunity does not allow me to go out and mingle with a lot of people. I am really so proud I was given a chance to live in Cavite City and be part of you guys…My prayers for all that you have been doing for our less fortunate batchmates, GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU.

    Gina Lebumfacil

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