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            We can all attest to the fact that a quality education can substantially enrich a life by building a strong foundation for the future ahead.  However, there is nothing worse than the financial hurdles our youths will face, making the dream of an education seem impossible.  Evangeline Herrera Valenzuela’s vision of CNHS 1975 Scholarship Foundation has sought to lighten the load of this financial burden.With generous donations, the Foundation has financially assisted the less fortunate children of our alumni for their educational expenses.  The funds have helped the children’s dream bloom with prosperity by bringing a quality education within their reach.  Let us continue our generosity.  In doing so, we make their dreams into a scholastic reality.


            Five years ago the CNHS 1975 San Diego Group developed an epiphany to help make a joyous Christmas for our less fortunate alumni.  Christmas is a time for celebration and thanksgiving so CNHS 1975 Pamaskong Handog sought to distribute five sacks of rice to our less fortunate alumni.            For the reunion that took place in November 2005, Ceasar Ricasata volunteered to manage the fundraising through T-shirt and sweatshirt sales.  From the generosity of our alumni we were able to raise a profit of $1,100 USD.  The funds made it possible to distribute 50 bags that Christmas season, each containing Php1,000  worth of goods.

            Our project last year (2006),  Pasko Na Santa Ko set up shop to expand our fundraising through the internet.  It was a great success by generating $1,600 USD.  The funds purchased 70 bags, each containing at least Php 900.00 worth of goods.  In addition, it funded the celebration and food for the recipients complete with raffle prizes, bags of rice and presents provided by Philippine based alumni.  To say the least, the small sacrifice of donating money to this cause has warmed the hearts of everyone involved.   We wish to carry on our goal of making Christmas season a festive one for our less fortunate batch mates and their families.  Please continue with your kind generosity to help us spread the joy and blessings of Christmas.


            The Foundation began on December 2005.  At which time it was noted that the 1975 alumni needed to elect a president to oversee existing and future projects. It was also necessary to build a better bridge of communication between alumni in the US and Philippines.  This position would not only oversee the projects but also required a person who could coordinate with the batch mates for needed finances and manpower to make these projects a success.  After votes were tallied from the internet, Rene Prudente was elected as the 1975 USA Foundation Alumni President, and took on the task to build a stronger alumni though communication and project completion.


            For the CNHS Renovation Project, it was noticed that there was a great need to have proper restroom facilities at Cavite National High School.  The 1975 class spearheaded the renovation project with the support from classes 1976 and 1979.  It took Php115,000 to renovate the restrooms and additional support from more members.  The renovation of the restroom facility was completed in October 2006 (the only working facility at that time) due to the overwhelming strength and partnership of the US and Philippine alumni.  We have had great success and with our combined efforts we can continue to do more great works that improve the lives of many.      



     The project facilitates collective action and learning among CNHS 1975 alumni members in addressing the needs of our less fortunate batch mates. In parallel with this are the activities to facilitate implementation of  long-term management plan based on proper considerations over several scenarios, taking into account their implications for people’s livelihoods and the environment.
The project will attempt to alleviate some of our batch mate’s lives by giving them financial assistance to start their own business.  The project will also address four questions:

  1. Can this livelihood project improve their lives and increase their earning capabilities rather than what they are doing now?
  2. Under what conditions the project will produce impacts on local livelihood.?  
  3. What are the most appropriate mechanisms and ideas to facilitate the project?
  4. Under what conditions will members continue to support us with this project (market condition, collective action, policy framework, etc.)?

Expected Impacts
We expect that the project will produce positive impacts on our less fortunate batch mates.  New opportunities to improve the real prosperity of members will be based on sustainable resource management will be explored. The project will target local beneficiaries over time. Expected impacts include improved capacities of members, in forms of improved skills, knowledge, and awareness, to communicate, assist us with future projects, monitor, and improve their implementation. Foundation members will coordinate and collaborate better with each other due to improve understanding of their roles, responsibilities, and functions.


      In October 2006 Rene Prudente ,  together with Ernie and Vinia Avila called a meeting at Cheffoo Restaurant.  There they presented the projects which the alumni were involved.  The attendees were in awe of the ambitious projects, so much so that in enforced the strength of the CNHS 1975 alumni members residing in the Philippines.  At the end of the dinner Php18,000 were raised from donations to start the CNHS 1975 Foundation – Cavite Chapter.

            CNHS 1975 Foundation  will continue to support projects aimed to improve lives of our less fortunate members, thus giving them a chance for a better tomorrow.



Last January’s CNHS 1975 reunion in the Philippines afforded Susan Raquel Pena the opportunity to visit our alma mater.  Together with our batch mates, Estelita (It) Llacuna, Almerita (Sinlao) Castillo, Ernie Avila, Vinia (Cajilis) Avila, Gilbert Pingue and Amerfino Aquipel,  we took a tour of our beloved school.  As expected, our school’s appearance is not what it used to be.  There are so many things that need improvement – the roof, for instance are leaking.  We’ve been told that during rainy months, only half of the room can be used.  in addition, due to lack of computers, only a couple of section can participate in a computer programming course – leaving a majority of the students with no computer programming exposure.  This will then make it tough for them to compete when they take college level computer sources.

     But what astounded us most was the fact that the school with 3000 students only has 7 scientific calculators.  As Mrs Jovita Ramirez, of the Math Department explained it,  the students have to share these 7 calculators among themselves by checking it out from the Math Department on a first come basis to do their math and science assignments.

     It is for this reason that Susan Raquel Pena requested  CNHS Class 1975 – USA Chapter to  initiate a drive to raise funds to purchase a number of Scientific Calculators for CNHS Faculty and students use.  We appealed for help from friends and batch mates in accomplishing our goal of procuring many calculators for the CNHS students.

      On July 30, 2008,  this wish became a reality.   Our Cavite City counterparts headed by Jessie Barrera delivered sixty (60) calculators to Cavite National High School during a turnover ceremony witnessed by some parents and teachers.   These calculators will surely help enrich the minds of many students.